JUMP ON 2 game

Jump On 2 brings the second gaming experience to the playtime of our beloved gamers here at ABCya-3! Even if you haven't played the original game, this second version will still be a fun experience! Emerge in the increasing difficulty and harder duration that you will come across throughout the games. As the number of items increases, the duration shall increase accordingly. Keep in mind that the coin streak only appears when you press the switch correctly on the map. Utilize the gained coins to unlock more skins and increase the speed or jumping capability.

Once you have estimated the gaps between the current stair and the next one, observe and decide when you want to jump over. Determining the ball's movement and direction shall be the key element that you need to understand, as this helps you to avoid falling out. Besides the basic obstacles, be prepared for more twists as you approach higher stages. For example, you need to look out for blurred or dashed stair blocks. The highest scores will belong to the players who can go through plenty of blocks with the least steps and the least time consumed.

Get your method and implement them into the quest of unlocking all the games here at the list of Abcya3games.net for free! Make sure to keep track of your gained scores using the statistics shown on the screen and continue to achieve more completes. Lift the spirit and enjoy your playtime in anyway that you want as long as you have time and an internet connection to our game list! 

How to play:

Click on the screen using the mouse cursor or tap on the screen to play.

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Synk Inc.

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