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There is a secret laboratory that is hidden from the public. Nobody knows what experiments the scientists are doing in there. Let Lab Escape Online tell you quietly. At ABCya3 online, many strange experiments were carried out and many strange creatures are created from those experiments. Unexpected accidents are inevitable. Recently, a group of scientists made the mistake. A small, always hungry white creature was released. You don’t have to care about the fate of the laboratory.

Now, all you need to do is to help this creature survive as long as possible. It has 100 HP and HP will decrease over time. It must eat non-stop to keep its life safe. Lead it to eat other creatures in the laboratory. On, the story sounds scary but the game is fun and enjoyable. You just need to move the creature up and down to catch all living beings on the way. HP will decrease so fastly. Then, you don’t have much time to play around or have a rest. This hungry creature plays as a hunter but its life ends right away when it crashes into obstacles.

While you chase all baddies, make sure you dodge every obstacle which is there to harm you. Along the way, you can collect some power-ups that help you a lot in the journey. For example, a shield protects you from obstacles, 2x doubles the coins you collect and a magnet sucks all coins nearby. Make use of them well and your achievement becomes better and better each time you play. Nothing terrible here, though the strange creature has escaped, all you find in the game is fun.

How to play:

Use up arrow key to play.

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