Master Draw Legends game

Master Draw Legends will be a new game with drawing features for you to explore. Keep expanding your experience with more ingenious drawing games like this one and destroy all the monsters on the screen! This ABCya 3 game has a special mechanism and rule, which creates the game's unique drawing-based control. Instead of shooting using an indicator or by aiming with guidelines, you will draw up the path that you would like to throw your potions. The potions are your weapon in this game. Use them wisely and throw them to hit the monsters so that you can clear them off the grid!

Collect coins to shop for new avatars by helping the masters to draw the road path towards the orgre. This path will help him eliminate the monsters popping up and gather more and more potions! In this ingenious game, the players might even find the unlocked gates and doors with special boosters to defeat the aliens, monsters, and villains faster! Do you know that you can also enrich your avatar's collection using the gained coins? Later in the game, make sure that you maintain your position by eliminating a certain number of monsters required per stage.

The players participating in this game will draw the lines or the trajectory of the throw. Your bottle of magic positions will fly up following that line. Make sure that you steer clear of spiky blocks, hindrances, and avoid different sharp items that could destroy the potions. If you can draw precisely and well, the line will guide the potion through the coins and land on the target that you intend.

Instruction keys:

Draw the lines using the mouse cursor by using the finger on mobiles.

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