Mr Meat House Of Flesh game

Mr Meat House of Flesh is an intense first-person horror game in which you must enter a creepy prison and rescue Mr. Flesh's next victim. Meat. Enter the dark, scary realm of this free online game on and search for evil killer zombies.

In Mr Meat House Of Flesh, players find themselves plunged into a terrifying survival game. After a terrifying zombie apocalypse, your dangerous neighbor, now known as Mr. Meat, has turned a young woman into his next target. You, as the player, must brave the horrors of his makeshift prison-mansion and save her life before it's too late.


  • Use WASD on the keyboard to control your character’s movement.
  • To interact, hide, or use surrounding items, press the F key. 
  • Press G to drop the item. 
  • To unhide, use the T key. 
  • Use the left CTRL to crouch. 
  • To escape, press the pause button.

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