Noob Skyblock game

Participate in this 2D cube game of Noob Skyblock with the best-pixelated setting in a world where you learn how to survive on a little island with limited resources! It's an interactive game from ABCya minecraft land with the best features for crafting geeks. You can have fun creating your unique island from scratch with the main mission of gathering different wood pieces, steel, and little items from the map to create your buildings. Bear in mind that the final goal is to make sure that you can recreate the city of your dream, so don't hesitate to break down a few huge blocks to get more resources.

There are a lot of actions that you can do in this game to either gather more materials for assembling or to break down the existing resources. As it's a building game, there's no limitation on how you can set up and input the layout of your city. Feel free to spread your imagination and create the island of your dream from the beginning to the end. Move along the map and don't hesitate the interact with new items popping up on your path to explore more. Hidden items might be put here and there so search carefully!

Controlling keys:

Move the character using the arrow keys or WASD.

Players can play on mobiles and tablets using the touchpad.

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Noob vs Pro team

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