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Play Time - Toy Horror Store is a horrifying shooter and escape room game that tests your shooting skills and your braveness. Here at ABCya-3, there are so many horror games and this is one of the must-played options for those who love this genre. Your main objective is to survive in 60 seconds. It’s not simple at all. Why? Because you face someone hiding in the darkness who can take your life anytime. You are locked in a dark room filled with hungry monsters. Have you ever heard about Huggy Wuggy? They will come to you and tear you apart. So, to keep your life safe, you have to kill them before they kill you.

Quickly aim and shoot at every single Huggy Wuggy monster who is coming close to you. Always be vigilant and vigilant. Otherwise, Huggy Wuggy will take every chance to take your life. You have a limited HP in this game. When you run out of HP, you lose, and restarting that level is what you have to do next. Here, each level doesn’t require you to kill a specific number of monsters. However, you have to kill as many monsters as you can while finding the people to rescue, items, and the exit before time run out. There are 10 levels and there are 2 levels of difficulty. You should try the easy level first.

How to play:

WASD to move,

Mouse to look around,

left mouse to fire,

right mouse to aim,

F to pick up items/ interact,

Left Shift to run,

and Left Ctrl to crouch,

X to prone,

and Space to jump.

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