Poopieman Voodo game

For players who would want to enjoy terrific gaming that doesn't take any skill, a little time, and any available devices, whether it's a PC, mobile, or tablet, Poopieman Voodo gives another method of de-stressing! The object of the game is to eliminate the hanging doll using all of your available ammo and any strategies you can come up with. There will be various jobs and missions for you to complete, each with its own specific requirement for attacking the doll. As soon as the abcya3 arcade game begins, smash the doll as hard as you can to ensure that you may quickly shred it to bits.

By aiming and selecting the most suitable weapons for each phase, you will be able to put the most damage range on the doll. Choose the weapons from our collection and test them out one by one to see how each can hit the doll. Once you understand how to use them all, start switching them up and select different weapons at the same time! The more damage you have done, the higher your scores will be, therefore, stay focus and target the doll at all costs! In this classic poopieman game for kids at https://abcya3games.net/, players will enjoy the 2D animation with cute dolls as the main characters and an interesting list of available weapons.

As your targets will always remain the tied dolls, you don't have to worry about chasing them or cornering them. Put all your focuses on the tasks of defeating the doll by aiming, hitting, cutting, shooting, or stabbing it with your best forces! Complete all the missions of this entertaining fun game based on the classic poopieman game.


Click to choose the weapons and to interact.

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