Quick Capture game

Quick Capture is a clicker and strategy game online with conquest, war, and management elements all into one, resulting in quite an interesting experience for you all, something we can attest to from our own time spent playing the game, and that is the reason why we necessarily wanted to share it with as many of you here as possible!

Each vacant cell you capture will cost you one penny. In order to boost your revenue, you need to concentrate on identifying cities and gaining control of them. These cities provide the bulk of your financial support. You also have the option of searching for balloons that have the potential to land on any tile that is not visible. Prior to making contact with the enemy, you should make it a priority to take control of as many cities as you can. Make astute use of what you've earned to avoid finding yourself in a financial bind. Invest in the improvement of your land to extend its life and ensure the safety of your main city. You may win the game if you besiege the capital of the adversary and then capture the areas that surround it.

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Brutal Dack Games

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