Robot Butcher game

The human world has been attacked by an army of out-of-control robots, but it's not over yet. You will be joining the Robot Butcher online game at to be ready to protect people. Take on various levels and explore the specialized world of robots in this intense battle. The human resistance force has an ultimate weapon against the advance of frenzied cyborgs. A robot created with the sole purpose of protecting humans from other robots.

You will be a kind robot, protect humans and defeat all the evil robots. We need to do the duty now when we feel new things. Start enjoying Robot Butcher online game at ABCya3 shooting games. Enjoy all these exciting games and experience all the surprises. You will enter a world full of destructive weapons. The war between robots and robots will have a lot of unique things you need to explore. We need to make more use of all our fighting skills. Improve your conquering metrics and you'll be fine. Lots and lots of enemies are waiting for you. You need to double power up to start fighting the enemy.

Built-in robot empire graphics, and music on the background music is amazing. Get started now with your friends. We will feel all things more attractive. The game has a lot of levels, how many levels will you pass and how much score will you get? Everything depends on your ingenuity. Invite friends to play and share the fun with them. You will not hesitate to show them the correct playing techniques and quickly reach the finish line.


WASD to move and mouse jump to shoot and aim.

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Catom Games

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