Rope Help game

Rope Help is an online puzzle game where you’ll need to connect different destinations and thus move everyone from point A to point B. This may sound simple enough, but it won’t be easy. The first level will be fairly simple, but you’ll soon have to start thinking about the direction that you’ll move your rope. If you come up with a method where you get the people to their designated spot, you win. You can buy new skins in the store. How many levels will you manage to complete?

In Rope Help, you should help these poor stickmen and women reach their destination safe and sound! In this fun hyper casual skills and puzzle game, stretch the rope by dragging it until you reach your destination. But be careful, the spikes and other obstacles can make you lose people. So, you should make a strategical plan to find the best way for their journey. If you are ready to do some brainstorming, let the game begin!

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Instruction to play:

Drag left mouse button to move the rope.


Published by company: BPTop
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