SCP Laboratory Idle Secret game

Are you looking for a new game with elaborated gameplay, a fun storyline, and the coolest graphics for enjoyment? How about taking a look at SCP Laboratory Idle Secret - our latest point-and-click gaming selection? While launching this game, you get the chance to freely enjoy a new game with modern pixel graphics and build your unique lab. The overall theme of this game is all about gathering more and more money in order to generate new functions, create income, and become the best manager for the X-Files Foundation lab.

The lab works based on continuous clicks and endless hired employees. You will be able to improve not only your technologies but also your story events and click rate to gain a fortune! How can you earn more with this lab? There will be a panel on the game screen of this ABCya 4 kid game that you can tap on. Don't stop clicking and constantly click on that panel to gain science points or coins! The more coins you have, the more experiments you might conduct with your aliens in the tanks. Don't forget that one of the most important tasks for this game is to constantly improve the base to upgrade capacity and levels.

Thanks to the basic clicker mechanics, kids of all ages might enjoy this game without any difficulty in understanding the mechanism. Passive income is all the rage now, so start on this journey and conquer more scores as possible! How long would it take for you to accumulate the largest set of money here?

Instructions to play:

Click using the left button or touchpad.

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Mirra Games

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