Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel game

The warriors trained in the dark have just prepared for the best fighting competition in the world. Experience those fun things when participating in the online game Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel. Accept all those challenges. These fighters can even fight at night. They are talented and strong. There will be eight boxers in this championship. You can choose any fighter. The wars will be carried out in different places. You can play in single-player mode or two-player mode. You can also fight against different fighters in story mode!

Let the fighting championship begin! Let's enjoy the fun and excitement when starting this game. You will defeat all your opponents and you will gain more wits and fighting techniques in the online game Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel at abcya fighting games. You will play with your friends and share the fun. happy with them. Challenge in the dark and fight hard. Your punches, kicks, and challenges need to be decisive and skillful. All of them must be proficient and not much wrong. In the first level, let's play and get acquainted.

There are times when you will get punched but that will give you the opportunity and technique to fight. We will play together and experience a lot of unique things. Simple gameplay and the battle with experienced people will make the gameplay smoother. Together we will explore new territories and ways to play. You can play against the computer or challenge your friends. Are you ready to catch the fight? Try it all out!


Move using WASD, punch with F, G, H, kick with C, V.

Player 2: Move using arrow keys, punch with U, I, O, kick with K, L.

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RHM Interactive

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2 Player



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