Shaun The Sheep Baahmy Golf game

Shaun The Sheep is back with a fresh suggestion for passing the time. He is intelligent and constantly creates new games when he is bored. He won't invite his sheep family to this tennis match. Do you want to play with him in Shaun The Sheep Baanmy Golf? Here at ABCya3 , he turns the farm into a tennis course. It looks messy but it’s an ideal place to play tennis for Shaun.

Your main mission is to hit the ball to make it get into the hole. You have 5 attempts to do that. However, the mission doesn’t stop there. You have to make sure that when flying, the ball smash as many things as possible to earn scores. Each broken item gives you a certain number of points. Then you have 2 goals in this game. Firstly, get the ball into the hole. Secondly, earn as many scores as you can. You can both of 2 goals or one of them each attempt.

The elements that affect your shot are the angle and power of the shot. You have to adjust these 2 stats accurately You can’t set the right angle and power in the first shot but you can rely on how the first shot happens to make the second, third shot better. If the golf ball hits the tractors, bales of straw, windows, scarecrows, and other items on the farm, you earn extra points. The more you play, the more you like this game. Shaun won’t let you down with his ideal. 


Mouse or spacebar to play.

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