Slime Warrior Run game

Love action games. Discover now the online game Slime Warrior Run. You will experience exciting thrills. Play together and conquer all the challenges for opponents. You will become a brave warrior fighting all the bad people to save the busy city. What are you waiting for? Start playing now and take on lots of new challenges together. We will play together and test the strength of the opponent.

The righteous hero decided to save the city as a healthy man. He needs to collect armor to gain power. When he turns into a warrior, he will gain great strength. He will not be afraid of bullets and will be able to lift tanks. He will reach extraordinary power when he collects all those rich warriors. You will completely be able to develop many fighting skills with opponents. Enjoy now the online game Slime Warrior Run at Accept all the difficulties of playing this game. You will start with the normal guy.

But you need to turn yourself into a superman and increase your strength to be able to overcome all those challenges. Discover a lot of surprises. Collect all the golden armor to wear and won't be afraid of anything. Proceed to kill the enemies with guns and meet the final boss. Be the wisest and bravest. You can learn all the rules of the game while having fun. You can win and destroy the last tank. Destroy it and end the game. The game has a lot of interesting things.

How to play:

Use a mouse or touch screen.

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