Snowball Rush 3D game

Embrace what you are capable of when it comes to snowball creating in this new gaming selection Snowball Rush 3D which is filled with amazing challenges and scattered items for collecting. Can you create not only the biggest snowball in this ABCya new game but also avoid rolling it off the main path? The ultimate goal is to create a huge snowball from the dispersed snowflakes on the road, however, there will be obstacles that you need to steer clear of. Spiky blocks or high platforms will stop the path of the snowball to move forward.

It's going to become the snowmen figure for your upcoming Christmas decoration, so conquer it with your craftmanship and carefulness. Another interesting feature of the game allows the players to utilize the bonus crystals from each successful level to unlock more snowball skins. The more skins you can get, the bigger collection you will have. Emerge in this lovely game with beautiful graphics, and 3D realistic features, and see how you will react to the intuitive interface for easier control. Despite easily controlling key sets and movement, you will need more than basic skills to win this long-run game.

Explore the land of snow and discover the necessary steps or tips to get to the end of the path easier. More and more items that are valuable and will add to your final scores will pop up when you progress further so let's keep an eye out for them. Winter wonderland full of great games is waiting for you!

How to play:

Use the mouse to swipe and control the snowball.

For mobiles and tablets, play with the touchpad.

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