Squid Runner game

Let's see if you can survive another run on the deadly tracks of Squid Run! The legendary survival games are back with more action! Win race after race, keep calm against other players' punishments, and make it to the final round! Let's get you ready for your first race!

The games are back with brand-new challenges and traps! This time the players must stay among the winners through three obstacle races to make it to the final games. The tracks and themes are also changing with each try. You will face a simple neon track, city streets, and Christmas-themed candy lands. While the themes change, the obstacles and boosters stay the same. The green platforms help you accelerate while the red platforms decrease your speed. Collect cans to activate a speed boost, but be careful; dodging traps gets more difficult as you get faster. Use the green trampolines to jump over blocks and lava pools, and avoid water puddles and crashing into barriers. Multiply your prize by watching short ads after levels, and buy new character skins and hats. Finish three levels among the winners to get access to the main deathmatch and show what you are capable of!

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How to Play Squid Game:

To enter a game, choose your region and nickname, then click join. You’ll be added to a room and be moments away from playing in this unforgiving challenge! In the first mini-game, you’ll have to sneak towards the doll without being seen in Red Light, Green Light.

  • WASD or arrow keys = move
  • Space = jump
  • LMB = scratch cookie / drag rope / hit
  • E = pickup weapon
  • G = drop weapon
  • T = chat

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