Stick Archers Battle game

Stick Archers Battle is a fun archery game that offers 3 exciting game modes. You can compete against CPU in 1-player mode, face your friend in 2-player mode or enjoy the only battle in Deathmatch mode. Here at ABCya-3, you can find a lot of archery games and each of them is worth your time because every option has addicting gameplay and this one is no exception.

Your ultimate goal in all 3 modes is to defeat your opponent. The way you do it in 3 modes is the same but those modes have something different. In the 1-player mode, your opponent is CPU and the one who wins 5 matches is the winner. The way to determine the winner in the 2-player mode is the same. However, here your opponent can be your friend or family member. It means you guys can play this game together on only one device. In Deathmatch mode, there is only one battle and the one who shoots down the opponent first is the winner.

Here at ABC ya 3 game, the key to defeating your opponent fastly is to shoot at his head. A headshot is difficult to do but it’s a powerful shot. It can change the tile of the battle. Each of you has a bar of health points. Depending on the body part that you get damaged, some health points will be taken from you and there is no way to take it back. Even though your HP bar or your opponent’s HP bar is full, when you or he gets shot at your/his head, you or he will die immediately. Of course, you can’t dodge the shoot. Break a leg and check out our game collections whenever you want to find your favorite ones. 


In 1-player and Deathmatch mode, use your mouse.

In 2-player mode, player 1 uses W,

and player 2 uses the up arrow key.

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RHM Interactive

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2 Player



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