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Stick Clash Online seems to be a role-playing game where you battle against other players but in fact, it’s a unique puzzle game about battling. You can’t fight such a cool them anywhere except for Let’s dig into this game in detail. Here, each level brings you to a map where you have to defeat other clans. You and each clan stand in a specific area. You can see a number above your army and other clans.

It denotes the number of units or the strength of the fighting force. That means you can only defeat the clan that has fewer soldiers than you. You have to lead your army to the weaker clan and as you defeat them, you tame them as your units. With each clan you defeated, your army becomes stronger and ready to deal with the big boss. This game is about choosing the right path that leads to the clan that you can defeat easily. On , once you move, you can’t turn back. You can only go through each path once.

If you make a wrong choice, your army is defeated and you have to restart that level once again. Sometimes, you can get some special items that protect you or help you beat enemies much easier. Strictly speaking, this game is related to math. Quantity is everything. You have more units in your army, then you are sure to be the winner without a doubt. Even if you have more than your enemy one unit. Let’ sweep all enemies out of the battlefield and become the strongest force in this stickman world. Hope you have fun and what do you want to try next time?


Play with your mouse.

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