Stickman Temple Duel game

If you love the online game Stickman Temple Duel at Please invite your friends to enjoy and experience the stickman fight. We all have very happy new feelings about this war. You can play the game offers an option with bots, with two players... Challenging tracks including 40 chapters await you in story mode in an unblocked shooting game. You will play alone in this episode or with 2 players.

You will engage in an image gunfight, the movement paths change in each section of the bot options. Whoever holds the gun first and can hit the opposite side wins. If you want a fun experience where you can find different games in the same place. Have fun! You will love it the first time you play it. If you love to explore, don't miss it. You will do well on that task. We will play as a beginner. Hold the gun and find ways to shoot towards the target.

Overcoming difficult roads and locations. Do not fall into tricked traps, you will bleed. It's entirely possible to do that content well. Simple gameplay and eye-catching graphics will attract you. Stickman games with a lot of fun will bring you many new experiences. Don't miss this opportunity. Enjoy the feeling of becoming a winner when participating in this game.


Player 1 moves with arrow keys, shoots with L, shields with K;

Player 2 moves using WASD, shoot with F, shield G.

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