Studio's Pupil game

Studio's Pupil is the free virtual space for you to freely create your music empire where your music and unique melody will be shared to the world! Would you like to produce different kinds of music and generate income from them with studios? Here with this ABCya3 online game, we invite the fans of music creating process to join and enjoy the thrilling session of investment strategies. You will get to use the available tools and musical instruments as well as the music remixing tools for this sole purpose.

Showcase your amazing music pitch estimation, ear training, and demonstrate to see if you have gotten the absolute pitch or sonic ear for this field. The better your music piece, the more money you will gain through the investment mechanism of this game. Strengthen your speed of music creation, production, remixing and utilize the marketing strategy to be the best player. Turn on the volume and start generating tons of revenues for your company with your sense now! Make sure to control not only the production of music with each song creation but also to keep track of the revenues and expenses as these will increase significantly once you get a grasp on the game.

The soundtrack, background music, and the musical setting of this game is outstanding to guarantee that your gaming experience with musical instruments can be fulfilled and greatly spreaded!

How to play:

Play and interact using the left mouse or the touchpad.

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RHM Interactive

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