Super Chicken Fly game

There's nothing more fun and hilarious than a newly added casual game like Super Chicken Fly, exclusively made for the players here at ABCya 3 and to share and have a blast during their free time! The little hen will be the main character of this game and he needs your help in the task of dispatching him to go as far as possible. Give the momentum to make this little chicken fly over the most miles while exploring the field. If he bounces on the other animals on the way, he will get more boosters to increase the power for moving forward!

First, pick the available weapon and choose one that you can afford. Use the weapon to hit the chicken and he shall fly over the farm to the length that changes depending on your weapon and hit. Get the top speed by hitting at the most perfect timing. However, there are a lot of elements affecting the result of the flight. By collecting more coins from the last trip, you can purchase more items at the store that will boost your kick power, bounce rate, initial speed, and other features. Speed, Power, Bounce, and Punch are the elements that you can upgrade using the gained scores, and they will be extremely helpful for the upcoming stages.

It's one of the most interesting and elaborate games of bird launching with more than a few challenges and endless trials for newbies! Help the little hen fulfill the dream of flying high and reaching new points right now at The scores accumulated throughout the levels are the crucial resources for upgrading and increasing the shooting force, so try your best to conquer it!


Click the mouse to drop the chicken and to hit it.

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