Super MadRex game

Super MadRex is an interesting game where you’ll be served with a number of levels. Your main objective will be to help your little monster get into a portal in the specific level. To do that, you’ll need to shoot it into the air and use walls to your advantage. The number of shots you are allowed is limited, so be sure to aim precisely, else you won’t be able to complete the level. Aside from that, you also should collect as many stars as you can. In each level you are able to find 3, so come on, let’s play!

In Super MadRex, the walls are not barriers but springboards that initiate ferocious bounces, echoing the relentless spirit of classic platformers. Each dash is a dangerous dance with death, a calculated dare against the most daunting obstacles.

Making full use of your special abilities and strategic gameplay isn't just encouraged – it's mandatory for survival. Your every move leaves behind a gory trail on the floor that becomes a testament to your grueling journey.

How to play:

Use the mouse.

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