Tiny Landlord game

Such an elaborated storyline with the best building design for you to explore is available here at Tiny Landlord - the new ABCya game 4 kids of all ages! It's time to see how good you can be at assembling buildings and managing the resources as well as the economy of your city. As it's an interactive game, you will move through the game by finishing the tasks one by one and using the gained materials to create more buildings. The more buildings you can build, the more rent you can gain from them.

Not only is it a game for learning how to control and manage a huge city of your own but it's also a good game for checking your skills in utilizing the cash flow. The ultimate goal is to upgrade the city to reach the highest level with the least material, resources, and the shortest timeframe. As the buildings need upgrading from time to time, make sure to check up on each one separately. Are you ready for the quest to expand the city and delight more citizens with state-of-the-art designs for buildings? It's your chance to bring your artistic sense and business talent to beautify the city with trees, houses, malls, streetlights, and other establishments.

Keep in mind that you can only build buildings that require the number of coins fewer than what you own. Stack up and save up to build the bigger towers among these equally talented neighbors of yours!

Controlling keys:

Click and use the mouse to select, assemble, collect resources, and create buildings.

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PlayCade Interactive GmbH

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