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A new addictive arcade game, Train Snake is now available for free. This is a super simple title with interesting gameplay and stunning graphics. Would you want to join us? This kind of game always receives the notice of many players on our site because it’s fun, full of missions and challenges and the game that you are going to enjoy now is one of the best options out there.

If you don’t believe it, you can try. Look at its name, you may think that the game is about a snake slithering to become the longest one but it’s different. Instead of connecting many carriages to make the longest train ever, you will pick up all the passengers who are waiting for you on both sides of the road, and avoid every obstacle along the way. The challenging part is you have to overcome these obstacles. They are different in style and operation. The game has a simple control mechanism. You just need to press and hold to rush forward and release to stop.

On ABCya-3, you don’t need to stop to pick up passengers. Passing them and they will get on the train immediately. The feeling of the train rushing forward at a fast pace is very satisfying but you should know that many barriers, traps and more await for you ahead. Then you are better to move slowly to stop before the moment your train crashes into any of those obstacles. You earn coins when a level is completed and use coins to buy a new train.


Tap or click and hold to move.

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