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Vex is a series of exciting action games. The 6th version has officially been released to the market and challenges all players limits with Vex 6 at If you have passed all the previous versions, then this will be a dangerous challenge for you. The rules of this game are still the same as in previous versions, you will control a black shirt character to overcome all the challenges and deadly obstacles in a mysterious maze.

 You will see death traps and obstacles everywhere along the way. They are not arranged according to any rules, all are waiting to destroy you immediately. The highlight of Vex 6 is the increasing difficulty level significantly. Continuously challenge your ability to jump over death pits, climb over obstacles and jump over rocks everywhere. You will feel like in a real race with many emotions. You will not have time to think, instead, you will have to constantly handle situations and move carefully. A minus point of Vex 6 is the graphics are not eye-catching and attractive.

It does not focus on colors nor character images. Everything is very basic and does not attract players with vivid images. However, the game still attracts a large number of players because of the attractiveness and competition in each turn. Another important task is that you have to try to collect as many coins as possible. Don't forget to use them to buy power-ups or upgrade to a more powerful version to overcome all challenges with the greatest ease.

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Use the arrow key or WASD to move and overcome all challenges.

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Azerion Casual Games

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