Witch Magic Academy game

Special things are happening in the magical kingdom. Do you want to participate in the production of magical transformation potions? Play together and invite friends to join the online game Magic Academy at https://abcya3games.net/. The game shows magic features, everything is transformed very quickly in a very short time. All will feel the surprise and attraction. Welcome to the Wizarding Magic Academy!

We will produce morph potions, but for that, we need to gather all the necessary herbs and elements, if you don't order the right ingredients you may not like what you want. transform. You can then save your shapeshifting body as a collectible card. With the online game Sorcerer's Academy, you will start with the selection of the necessary ingredients from the mixture being stored. You need to find everything right to start the next process. It will be interesting when you have made the transformation potion, the farm work also becomes interesting. Everything happened so fast in an unexpected direction.

You will completely experience and feel attracted to those things. Use the transformation potion to grow flowers, cook .... The housework becomes very light. The wish of the present! The game helps relieve the pressure and help you become more relaxed. Vivid graphic design, the attractive sound will bring interesting things to players. Will you start as a student of the wizarding academy? Play together with friends and share the fun with them.

Game controls:

Tap or tap the screen to find your way, no keys needed.

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