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Survive in a strange city if you join the game Zombie Killer that Abcya3games.net website has updated. Choose the best fighting way to survive through different lands. The zombie army is growing stronger. They can attack you at any time if you are not paying attention. Use weapons and explosives to destroy any threat. Earn coins and upgrade to last longer. With 5 hero and weapon upgrade modes, you can kill your spare time while participating in this game.

Unlock weapons and fight until you've eliminated every zombie in the game. Without being distracted by commercials, countless players gave it their all in the fight to complete every level. There are zombies everywhere, and your job is to kill them. Don't lose the first several levels by getting annihilated. Flexible weapon and gameplay changes. Knives and other weapons can be used if you run out of ammunition. To continue battling, gather first aid kits and ammunition. Get the fresh rewards for you during the conflict. This game has drawn gamers who want to explore fresh material distinct from existing zombie games. Tell your online friends about the latest adventure in your favorite game list.

They are also eager to complete the mission of this brutal war. The number of zombies that you kill is increasing. Collect all gold coins. ABCya fight game deserves to be one of the reputable websites when it comes to providing suitable gameplay for players around the world. What choice did you use to overcome this game world? Join many other similar games such as Halloween Pocket Sniper 3D or Halloween Pocket Sniper 3D.

Instructions: Arrow keys to move, space to attack, F to shoot, Q to switch weapon, G to throw

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