Atari Centipede game

Atari Centipede brings to you the classic shooter arcade experience and hours of fun. It seems that if you don't act quickly, your garden will no longer be saved. Here at, you use a bug blaster to fight off scorpions, fleas, centipedes, spiders, and even poisonous mushrooms. More scarily, each creature you shoot down will turn into a mushroom and you have to clean those mushrooms as well.

Otherwise, you have no room to move and shoot at enemies. You will soon realize that how hard it is to defeat invasive organisms. Specifically, a centipede consists of 10 to 12 body parts. When you shoot at its body, it is divided into 2 living bodies that act independently. Therefore, if you keep shooting at their body parts, you create many centipedes by yourself. On ABCya3 arcade games, it’s better to aim and shoot at centipedes’ heads or their tails. You can move around to avoid and shoot at enemies but you just can move up limitedly.

You have 3 lives in each stage and a new stage is there when you see everything turns into a new color. At that moment, your HP is reset. When you run out of all 3 lives on a stage, you have to start the game from the beginning and you can save summit your score to see how well you play. Take precautions at all times because sometimes you will see something drop and it creates a line of mushrooms. As you progress, it becomes harder to win because enemies move faster, especially, the spiders move unpredictably. So you can hit them by accident.

How to play:

Mouse to move and left mouse to shoot.

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