Battle Heroes 3 game

After long and harsh fighting, peace is reigning in your lands. There’s no more swords clashing or magic spells being cast. But this was just the eye of the storm. There’s a new threat on the horizon. Your hero is a mercenary that has been sent to the border regions of the kingdom. Use your fighting and magic skills, explore the fantasy world and upgrade your towers. Fighters, towers, aura, magic and weapons will help you best your enemies attacking the kingdom.

In Battle Heroes 3, you step into the shoes of a fearless mercenary, stationed at the kingdom's edge. With a blend of battle prowess and magic skills, it's your task to engage in combat and perform heroic deeds. The game offers a vast fantasy world that you can freely explore, with opportunities for developing your character, managing towers, harnessing auras, wielding powerful weapons, and even crafting magical items. Should you prove worthy, you may even raise a formidable dragon or cerberus.

Game Controls:

  • USE THE MOUSE to fight enemies, search for useful items, and much more.

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2 Player


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