Blob Runner 3D game

Run and overcome opponent formula is never old-fashioned. Many games are built in this formula and Blob Runner 3D is one of them. Here at ABCya-3 online, this game is about dashing through a series of obstacles in runways and try not to be chopped into several pieces. Those obstacles can be spinning blades, stomping weights, and mesh-net. Don’t worry if you get sliced into small pieces that make you lose your head, legs, or hands because you can recover your body and get strong by collect jellies along the way.

You should prioritize collecting jellies over gems. Eating jellies make you become bigger and keep your life safe when you accidentally hit any obstacles while gems are just used to unlock new skins which don’t give you any special effect or skill except for the look. Even though you’re still alive when you crash into obstacles but if you hit the big one, your running journey ends right away. So it’s better to dodge those obstacles. Sometimes a huge body gives you an advantage but sometimes, stay small makes it easier to go through a certain obstacle.

However, you can't control this. Then, just play without thinking much. There is something fun waiting for you at the end of each level. You have a chance to 2x, 3x, even 10x the gems that you collect on that level. Define the level you want and head to that target. Just like you avoid obstacles, you dodge the 2x, 3x target and reach the maximum target. That’s it. Now, it’s time to chase your goal.


Mouse to move.

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