Super Friday Night Funki game

Shake your body to the rhythm of the music in Super Friday Night Funkin - the new online game of fabulous musical theme and the best neon graphics! It's a simple game in which players listen and enjoy the music while hitting the notes according to the symbols on the screen. For example, hit the notes on the left using left arrows when the note reaches the frame, and do the same for all other ones.

The challenging aspect of this game is that it is a brand-new ABCya3 game that calls for musical aptitude and strong hand-eye coordination in order to match the symbols promptly. You will lose points even if your timing is only a little off. You must learn the rhythm of each song in order to press the game buttons at the appropriate moments. Do so repeatedly until the song is over so that your scores can be accumulate through the whole game thanks to boosters and combos. If you can correctly hit the notes a few times in a row, you can use the combos gained to bring more scores to your records.

Each song is entirely different, which creates a fun and unexpected gameplay for this version of fabulous musical game online at, without a dime at all! How many songs will you be able to ace as a newbie in this game and not miss out on a single note? you be able to share the secret to your amazing music perceptivity and sensibility? Enjoy the soothing sound of the songs in the background or the upbeat ones now!


Click the arrow keys to play.

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