Bob The Robber 5: Temple Adventure game

With Bob The Robber 5: Temple Adventure, Bob will carry on as the top thief in the interactive games of ABCya. The robbery will occur for the seventh time in a revered shrine that houses a priceless treasure chest. Bob sets out to find the trunk since it contains the most priceless gems from this temple. This temple, in contrast to earlier variants, is defended by grotesque creatures, mummies, and flying wizards. 

Let's help Bob and guide him through the obstacles as well as the guards while targeting for the trunk! The mission is to move in the right timing and right direction. You will beat the guard by jumping over them or on them, unlock the doors, unlock the locked rooms, and dodge other obstacles in order to keep Bob out of the camera sight. There will be a shadow for you to hide when you reach near the camera spot.

Don't let Bob get caught on the camera as this will turn off the alarm and security guards will swarm the place. Keep in mind to gather at least one coin to pass the level, or be rich by collecting all three of them. As long as you proceed with carefulness and swiftness, this mission should be a piece of cake after your four previous missions! Aren't you curious about what is hidden inside the treasure trunk? Get to the final round and find out on your own in this game! You can find four other versions of Bob game or other adventure games like Adam and Eve 3 or Bomb It 8 . with a click of your button!

Controlling keys: Use the right, left, down arrow keys to move to the left, right and jump, up arrow key to interact with items.

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