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Trade your precious artifacts, goods, cargos, and plenty of other treasures by attending this new game of Cargo Ship - an additional gaming option for kids of all ages here at ABCya3 arcade online game. Keep advancing in this combination of ship driving and simulation games where the most daring players shall be the winners. The objective of this game focuses on becoming a trade ship driver, whose task is to maintain the day-to-day operation of selling and buying cargo. You own a certain amount of cargo placed on the ship.

Your job is to discover new territory, another land, more seas, and find other markets to sell your goods. Shipping your cargo to those business areas and increase your income as much as possible. Pay attention to the necessary upgrade for your ship to endure the difficult situation of the ocean and keep it going. Some important elements such as the length, height, speed, and velocity of your ship are the key points of bringing your ship further on the journey to conquer all markets. With more capacity, you can bring more goods in the same shipment and collect more profits. Keep your eyes on the colors of the containers as well to indicate the difference in weight and price of broken ships or red, yellow, and green containers. Also, if you manage to find Poseidon’s trident, you will gain tons of gems as rewards! Trade 1 trident for 1 gem and 3 gems for the key to unlock doors.

How to play:

Use the mouse to interact and choose items.

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GameOn Production KZ

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