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Castle Defense is an epic free-to-play defense strategy game that can be played for hours to relieve stress. This is an incredibly fun game where you can develop your castle more idiomatic. Sounds very appealing right? Join now in the game to get to each level and start taking on the challenge. Game with more than 40 map levels with 4 different themes. Many types of skills will make you destroy countless monsters in this game.

You will have 5 types of magic skills to help you fight more excellently. You are not destroyed by the opponent. This is a game with enemies attacking the castle. You need to build defenses along the way to kill enemies and get high coins back. Arrange all your troops on this path in the most suitable positions. to be able to block the attacks of these enemies. the army feels very large and they appear constantly. They are trying to destroy your fortress. Make sure you always keep the fortress safe with your clever skills.

Observe and focus on this game. As long as you arrange your troops in the most suitable and smartest position, you can completely keep your fortress becoming even stronger. Earn yourself a great amount of money when you kill thousands of these evil-moving enemies. Why don't you invite your friends to join the game Castle Defense at ABCya3 so that together you can share and have fun moments when participating in the most attractive game of defending your fortress.


Use your mouse to create a powerful army that no one can fight back.

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Emoji Games GmbH

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