Super Thrower game

Super Thrower is a new hypercasual throwing game with action and fighting elements all in 3D that we totally recommend to you all on our website right now, where fun is always guaranteed with such awesome new additions, and about this one we will tell you more right now, so you end up having no problems playing it at all!

Unleash ultimate chaos and dominate the battlefield in Super Thrower. The game where every move is a power throw! Step into the world of Super Thrower, a high-octane action game that tests your precision and strategy. Simply maneuver your character to any object or enemy, and watch as they automatically hurl it towards foes with incredible force. Battle through diverse levels, each presenting its own set of challenges. Want to show off your style? Switch up your look with a myriad of epic skins available! Get ready to throw down in style with Super Thrower! Enjoy playing this game here at ABCya 3!

Instruction to play: 

- To move your character, hold and drag your finger across the screen.

- Make sure your character runs into objects and defeated enemies to pick them up.

- Once an object or enemy is picked up, your character will automatically throw it towards other enemies.

- To catch objects thrown by your enemies, position your character in the path of the object and let it collide with you.

- Keep in mind that the force of your throws will depend on the speed and momentum of your character.

- Use strategy to aim and time your throws effectively, maximizing the damage to your enemies.

- Navigate through diverse levels, each featuring unique challenges and obstacles.

- Use your precision and strategic thinking to defeat all the enemies and complete each level successfully.

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