Coloring book - Alphabet Lore game

A Coloring Book with Alphabet Lore was bound to appear on our website sooner rather than later, which is what makes our team very happy to share it with you right now since it is one of the key formats that was a mission from this category, and since the video series encourages creativity, it makes sense that games like this one do it too!

For the youngest visitors to our site, we present a new exciting online game Coloring Book Alphabet Lore. In it we would like to present to your attention a coloring book that is dedicated to the letters of the alphabet. In front of you on the screen you will see a white piece of paper on which a certain letter of the alphabet will be depicted in black and white. Next to the picture there will be a drawing panel. You will need to select a brush and dip it in the paint and apply the given color to the area of the drawing you have chosen. Then you will repeat these steps with other paint. So, by performing these actions sequentially, you will gradually color this image in the Coloring Book Alphabet Lore game.

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Instruction to play: Use your mouse to play.


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