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Challenge your inner conductor in a game that combines action, strategy, and puzzle game elements. With addictive gameplay and colorful graphics, you will have the best gaming time at Let’s talk about your mission. It’s to command trains and switch tracks to make sure that there is no accident happen. Basically, trains will auto-run and you need to stop them at the right to avoid the accident.

Each level requires you to pick up and transport a certain number of passengers. You have to let your train work until you reach the goal. In some first levels, you just command only once train. Those levels are created to help you get familiar with how everything works. After that, the real challenges are here to test your skills in terms of managing several trains at once. Transport the passenger from this station to that station as quickly as possible within a given time. Quick but safe, keep it in your mind if you don’t want the trains to crash into each other. On ABCya3, new levels bring new challenges and increase in difficulty levels. The train tracks are overlapping. Look at the railway system at the later levels can make you feel dizzy.

The control is simple and the goal seems to be easy to reach but you will soon sabotage all the ideals and strategies that you come up with and unexpected accidents will happen. You can hardly keep things going safely. Don’t let the beautiful scenes of the game make you distracted. Pay attention to your trains and try your best to clear all levels full of fun and challenges. Break a leg and make sure you discover more games on our site.


Click to manage your trains.

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