Couple Rich Rush game

Couple Rich Rush is a couple of parkour arcade games. Your task is to play as the couple and help them make money together and increase their wealth. The couple can pass money to each other and increase their money through the green and front doors. Don't spend your money and don't eat or drink a lot. The money you save can be used to furnish the house and dress up your house in a gorgeous way!

In this game, players embark on a thrilling parkour adventure as a dynamic duo striving to accumulate wealth. As you sprint across diverse landscapes, you must maneuver through doors that multiply your treasures. Be cautious not to indulge in expenditures or unnecessary food and drinks. The saved fortune can be utilized to revamp your residence into a stunning haven.

How to play:

The game controls are simple and intuitive, designed for touch-and-drag interactions. Each player controls one character in the couple, passing money between them as they run. Progressing through the green and front doors multiplies your money, increasing your wealth exponentially. Avoid overspending on food and drinks to conserve your wealth.

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