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Muscle Run is an interesting hyper-casual with endless levels of strength. It sounds weird, right? However, it’s fun. Here at ABCya3, you play as a quite slim guy and you want to build muscle to have a perfect body. To gain muscle, you need weight training. So that is all you have to do in this game. Let’s warm up a little bit because you need to be ready for the excise. Run forward and collect as many dumbbells as you can. With a collected dumbbell, you gain a little bit of muscle. Look at the bar at the top of the screen.

It shows how strong you are. If it’s filled, it means you have the strength to smash through a series of the wall at the end of the track. Of course, the game isn’t fun if there is no challenging element. You will deal with a lot of obstacles while running. On, you have to dodge obstacles when you’re still slim. Otherwise, you die. When you are strong enough, you can go through those obstacles and you just lose some strength without losing your life. You should avoid obstacles to save your strength for the walls that you have to handle before you can reach the finish line.

Sometimes, you will see a door with 2 buttons that have a different colors. You have to run through the button that has the same color as the door to open it and keep running. Obstacles vary in type. As you level up, you find it harder to reach the finish line. However, you are sure to succeed.


Mouse to move.

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