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One of the new addictive games is now available at Down The Mountain is a unique game with fast-paced gameplay that once you are in, you can’t leave. It’s sure to keep you busy for hours. Between climbing and descending, which one do you think is harder? The answer depends on each person but you will have your answer after playing this awesome game.

Your main goal is to descend from a mountain and this journey seems to be infinite. This mountain is created from different blocks and once you take a step, the blocks behind you will disappear. It's like a mountain slide, so you have to be fast and move right away if you don’t want to fall. This is one challenge that the game offers. Another challenge is that you have to avoid many obstacles and enemies such as lava tiles, cars, TNT blocks and more while collecting stars and power-ups. If you jump into a waterfall, you slide down faster but make sure you jump off in time or you will fall directly to the traps below the waterfall.

On abcya3, you are offered many tasks or missions during the journey. Completing a mission rewards you a new character. As you can see when entering the game, many characters are waiting for you to unlock, so try to collect as many stars as you can but don’t be too focus because you may be led into dangerous places. Choose the right way and action fastly and accurately to set a record. Try out other choices of games that make you fall in love with them such as Knife Spin and Super Oscar.

Instructions: Use left and right arrow key to move.

Published by company: Umbrella Games
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