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In this ABCya-3 online game, wait for your jet to pick up the passengers before taking off: Fly this to demonstrate your proficiency as an air traffic controller! Roam the sky and bring tons of revenue to your company by delivering the goods and the customers fast! The main job of this game involving dragging a line from the airplane to the next airport to take off once all the passengers have boarded.

Don't worry if you haven't tried out this kind of task before. All you need to do is to take off and land when it's time, following the instruction that is in the game. The only new feature is the requirement to draw flight paths so that you need to make sure that you can avoid collisions of all types. There will be increasingly challenging puzzles later in the game, but you will soon master the art of air traffic with lots of fun in this game!

It's time to get lots of revenue and upgrade your airport infrastructure and purchase new planes so as to expand the little airport until when it reaches too far away destinations. Are you ready to start controlling the plane in this beautiful 3D world of online games? Such a simple and intuitive gameplay will be perfect for kids of all ages to learn how to transport passengers and to progress through exotic islands!


Use the mouse to control the plane.

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