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A whole new world with tons of obstacles, the deadliest traps, and steep rails is available at Roof Rails for the fans of the simulation game genre! Not only will this game be a thrilling sensation to enjoy during the free time with its intense mechanism but it's also one of the most popular options these days if you are looking for a trendy 3D simulation game. The rules of this game are simple enough to attract players of different age groups. However, the increase in difficulty level will keep the players hooked as they progress throughout the stages.

Upon entering this ABCya3 online game, each player gets to control his or her character to make it move and advance according to your commands. It's your mission to unlock the stages by collecting enough sticks to move through the gaps. Depending on the length and the width of each gap, it's best if you can use your estimation to calculate and think of how you can create a bridge for each gap. Don't overestimate or underestimate the space between the edges as this leads to the result is that you will use sticks that are too short or too long for one gap.

Hanging obstacles are the worst and they show up randomly when you reach higher levels. Stay focus to estimate a suitable length for each bridge before making any moves. This game from has a collection of more than 20 levels, each with its specialized platform and customized obstacles that will create a unique gaming experience for each turn.


Click the mouse or drag the finger on the screen to move the characters.

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