Hunter Assassin 2 game

Hunter Assassin 2 is an engaging game of skill in which you have to be stealthy to kill your enemies in each level. You are armed with nothing but a sword and you have to kill many guards with guns. You will have to run through the facilities of each level to reach and stab enemies from behind without being detected.

The goal of the game is to clear each level by eliminating all the targets. The number of targets in the level is indicated by a counter in the top left corner of the screen. The targets will patrol different parts of the level using flashlights to indicate their field of vision. Most of the area will be in shadow and as long as the hunter stays out of the targets' lights, they'll remain undetected. To eliminate a target, you need to make contact with them as you approach them from their blind spot. If a target spots you, they'll attack and force you to try again.

You will notice that the guards use flashlights. Focus on staying out of flashlight range and you'll be fine. Also, remember that you will make noise every time you kill one of the guards, which will attract the attention of the others. Collect all the stars in each level to complete your mission with the highest rating. Enjoy playing Hunter Assassin 2, a free online game on!

How to play:

Operates using tap controls through the mouse.

To move the character around, you move the cursor to an open spot on the map and click the Left Mouse Button.

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