Idle Medieval Kingdom game

Welcome to the world of "Idle Medieval Kingdom Army," where you have the chance to build your own mighty kingdom and gather a formidable army to conquer new lands! In "Idle Medieval Kingdom Army," you'll step into the shoes of a wise and ambitious ruler determined to expand their dominion. Your journey begins with a small, humble settlement, but your vision is grand. Develop your kingdom by constructing essential buildings, managing resources, and researching new technologies.

In the Idle game, you will become the ruler of a destroyed Kingdom. Once it was a flourishing and powerful locality. You have to revive its former glory and greatness. Restore buildings, earn revenue, increase your population, and send your warriors to epic battles. Defeat your opponent and leave him no chance to destroy your Kingdom again!

How to play:

Use your mouse to play.

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This game supports mobile devices.

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Andy Games

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