Kitchen Bazar game

Kitchen Bazar is a business startup game set in Manhattan that features time management and interior design elements. The player in the role of a chef must become the most famous person in the city. However, most famous chefs started small, which is exactly how the game begins. The chef has a small restaurant in the city that sells juice, cakes and hotdogs. To win each level, players must create menus that customers love, earn money to pay for upgrades, deliver meals quickly for tips, remodel their buildings, and give out Grow your business to make it great.

If players cannot satisfy customers because of their choice of ingredients or the time it takes to serve dishes, they will become less and less successful. The game offers plenty of help hints, including recipes that players can review according to customer orders and white markers around the correct ingredients for the next dish. With satisfied customers, players will receive tips and have the means to make their dream restaurant a reality.

How to play:

Earn revenue by choosing the right ingredients for your dish and delivering it quickly to customers. Use boosters. Buy building upgrades and furniture. To win, develop the restaurant by level until it becomes famous.

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Gameloft SE

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