Kung Fu Sparrow game

Kung Fu Sparrow is an addicting game that offers 50 interesting levels with a lot of fun. It surely makes you hooked for a long time. You are a true master of kung fu and you are facing a lot of enemies. They surround you and try to kill you. On the wires of the ruthless and coldest city, you will use your kung fu skills to defeat them and save the peace of the city. Hop and dash from wire to wire and kick, and slash every single enemy into slices of bread. Locate your targets, then make use of your skillful movements to kill them.

Remember that each enemy has their own power and skills. They aren’t the same. Besides waves of enemies, you also deal with their bosses. You will find it hard to defeat bosses but with your kung-fu and experience, you definitely can take their lives. Here at ABCya-3, this game offers 50 levels, 20 belts, 3 weapons, 10 locations, 3 missions, and 4 characters. You can buy new weapons and unlock new characters with bread as the in-game currency. By clearing those missions, you can claim rewards.

Each level requires you to kill a certain number of enemies and you have to reach that goal within a specific amount of time while you have only 3 lives. You have to restart the current level if you die because time runs out or you run out of lives. Show them who is the greatest kung fu master in the city.

How to play:

WASD to move and Space to hit or mouse to move and left mouse to hit.

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