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Mob Control is an interesting game about battling and maths. Its controls and gameplay are easy and simple but it’s challenging to win. Your main objective in each level is to defeat all enemies and destroy their bases. To do it, you fire a cannon filled with soldiers at enemies. Aim and fire to make your soldiers pass the x2, x3, or x4 gates to multiply your soldiers. Yes, you have to do some maths during the battle to make your forces as large as possible.

Don’t let your enemies kill your soldiers, then destroy your cannon. You have to kill them before they can approach you closely. In most levels, the gates move non-stop in front of your cannon. To make your soldiers go through those gates, you have to try to move your cannon at the same speed as the gates. Try to figure out the way that can help you make full use of the multiplication. In this ABCya-3, when you kill enemies and destroy their bases in each level, you will get some blocks and you use those blocks to build your base.

As you advance, the game becomes harder. You will be attacked from multiple directions. One of the best tips to deal with enemies is not to free all your soldiers at a time. Fire a few units, consider the situation, and then, shoot a few soldiers. Keep doing like that ensures you can win the battle. And when you send out all your soldiers, the giant ones will appear. You can count on the giants to smash your enemies.



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Don’t forget to use coins to upgrade the cannon’s fire speed. Have fun and enjoy Slice it All game and Bounce and Collect game.

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