Monster Egg Brawl game

Welcome to "Monster Egg Brawl", a game in which you can participate in an exciting royal battle between various fantastic creatures! Take a tiny egg and raise a giant stone golem from it, capable of swatting any opponent unlucky enough to get under its arm with a single blow. Tame other amazing creatures that seem harmless at first glance. But don't be fooled! After all, behind their cute cover are ruthless monsters, ready to go to any lengths to win the tournament!

This is a hypercasual action game in 3D with monsters in the shape of eggs, and just like with regular eggs, something bigger can come out of them, as this is a game about fighting, merging, and leveling up to dominate each map you are on, something we will now give you insight on how to do, as we've already played the game!

Game controls: Use the mouse.

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Published by company: YAD.Com
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