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Welcome, Boss! Become a hero of your own skyscraper as you design and create a beautiful, bustling business center. Make smart choices to keep your workers happy and your business growing. Then trade, chat, compete, and join city. Build your way to the extraordinary with the most exciting city builder on mobile! Join a chat with other citizens and talk about strategies and available resources. Create the skyscraper of your dream! Start building and get rich!

 At ABCya3, you need time and effort to make it work. However, things may be easier than you thought but there are also some business challenges to solve. You have to keep everything balancing in human resources, investments, and profit optimization. Don't rush to build a new floor right after you have enough money for it because you also need money for something else such as hire workers, restock, and more. Once you build a new floor, you can choose from 5 different types of businesses including Food, Service, Recreation, Fashion, and Technology. You can open a spa center, a club, a cinema, a bar and so on. You also need to manage the elevator and stairs as well. Visitors and customers will visit your tower and enter one of those opened shops.

Then you earn money. So you have to lift your visitors. There are 3 types of visitors: The ones who visit your tower to shopping, VIP, and residents who stay on one of the floors. Keep upgrading the floor to increase income. You will become a busy businessman. You don't have time to rest. As you level up, you access more features. Don't forget to check the mission list to claim some special gifts that help you boost your business in this exciting game.

How to play:

Left click to create your own metropolis.

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