Pokey Stick game

It's time to have the time of your life participating in a crazy race in the game Pokey Stick! You've probably never seen anything like this before, but your curiosity and eagerness to win have got you interested in learning how to handle this great pole with which you can jump far to reach the finish line.

Take a great impulse, move forward without looking back and watch your way while you avoid numerous obstacles thanks to your good reflexes. Once you cross the finish line, try to land on the best square to multiply your profits as much as possible. Will you manage to beat your opponent in a tough fight for victory? Good luck...

How to play:

The controls of this game are straightforward. Simply hold down to pull back the stick and release to kick your character into motion. Your character will then travel across the gaming terrain, overcoming any obstacles that come their way. To progress in the game, you must continually outperform your competitors.

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Nevar Games

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